Where Tradition Meets Progress, Uniting Past and Future.
Where Tradition Meets Progress, Uniting Past and Future.
Where Tradition Meets Progress, Uniting Past and Future.



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Attractions in Ajman

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Ajman Museum

Housed in a restored fort, Ajman Museum showcases the rich history and culture of the region. Visitors can explore exhibits that include archaeological artifacts, traditional Emirati artifacts, and interactive displays, offering a glimpse into Ajman's past.

jman Corniche

AThe picturesque Ajman Corniche stretches along the coastline, offering a scenic promenade with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, bike rides, and picnics while taking in the beauty of the waterfront, landscaped gardens, and iconic landmarks.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a pristine ecological sanctuary nestled in Ajman's coastal area. It features diverse ecosystems, including mangroves, sandy beaches, and lagoons. Nature enthusiasts can indulge in bird-watching, kayaking, and exploring the serene beauty of this protected area.


Unveiling Hidden Gems

Ajman, a charming emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Despite being the smallest emirate, Ajman holds its own appeal with its warm hospitality and a unique sense of community.

The rich history of Ajman can be explored at the Ajman Museum, housed within a restored fort. The museum showcases artifacts and exhibits that delve into the emirate's past, offering visitors a glimpse into its cultural heritage. Strolling along the Ajman Corniche, a scenic waterfront promenade, unveils breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf, along with beautifully landscaped gardens and iconic landmarks.

For nature enthusiasts, the Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a must-visit destination. This ecological sanctuary encompasses diverse ecosystems, including mangroves, lagoons, and sandy beaches. Exploring the reserve allows for encounters with unique flora and fauna, making it a paradise for bird-watchers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Ajman also boasts pristine beaches, where visitors can soak up the sun, indulge in water sports, or simply relax and unwind. The city's bustling souks and markets offer a vibrant shopping experience, showcasing traditional Emirati craftsmanship and a variety of local products.

In Ajman, the blend of tradition and modernity is evident in its architecture, where historic buildings stand alongside contemporary structures. The emirate's commitment to preserving its cultural heritage is seen in its efforts to restore and maintain key landmarks.

With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Ajman invites visitors to experience its unique charm and discover the authentic essence of Emirati culture.


Embarking on an Unforgettable Adventure

Exploring Ajman, UAE, unveils a world of hidden gems and captivating experiences. This charming emirate offers a multitude of attractions that showcase its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality.

Start your exploration with a visit to the Ajman Museum, located in a restored fort. Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of the region as you browse through exhibits displaying ancient artifacts, traditional Emirati handicrafts, and insightful displays.

Nature lovers will find solace in the Al Zorah Nature Reserve, a pristine sanctuary nestled along the coastline. Embark on a journey through its diverse ecosystems, including mangroves and lagoons, while observing a myriad of bird species and soaking in the tranquil ambiance.

Take a leisurely stroll along the Ajman Corniche, a picturesque promenade offering breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. Enjoy the beautifully landscaped gardens, visit charming cafes, or simply relax on the sandy shores, embracing the serenity of the surroundings.

Delve into the local culture by exploring the bustling souks and markets of Ajman. Indulge in a shopping spree, where you'll find traditional Emirati handicrafts, exquisite jewelry, and aromatic spices.

Embrace the architectural beauty of Ajman, from its historic buildings to contemporary structures that shape the city's skyline. Admire the intricate designs, intricate mosaics, and ornate details that reflect the emirate's rich heritage.

In Ajman, every corner is an opportunity to discover something new and unique. With its blend of tradition and modernity, Ajman invites you to explore its hidden treasures and create unforgettable memories.


Ajman Saray, a Luxury Collection Resort

Located along the pristine shores of Ajman, this luxurious resort offers a perfect blend of contemporary elegance and Arabian charm. With its stunning beachfront location, lavish accommodations, and world-class amenities, Ajman Saray provides an unforgettable experience for discerning travelers seeking relaxation and indulgence.

Fairmont Ajman

Nestled on the edge of the Arabian Gulf, Fairmont Ajman showcases breathtaking views and impeccable hospitality. The resort features elegantly designed rooms and suites, an array of dining options, and a wealth of recreational activities. Whether you seek a serene beach getaway, culinary delights, or rejuvenating spa treatments, Fairmont Ajman promises a memorable stay.

Ajman Hotel

Situated in the heart of the city, Ajman Hotel offers a convenient location and exceptional services. This upscale hotel boasts spacious rooms, delectable dining options, and a range of recreational facilities, including a private beach, swimming pools, and a fitness center. With its warm hospitality and modern comforts, Ajman Hotel ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for both leisure and business travelers.

Dining and Food Services​


Experience the flavors of traditional Emirati cuisine at Mejhana, a renowned restaurant in Ajman. With its warm and inviting ambiance, Mejhana offers an authentic dining experience, serving delectable dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. From aromatic rice dishes to succulent grilled meats, Mejhana allows visitors to savor the rich flavors and cultural heritage of the UAE.

Bab Al Bahr

Indulge in a memorable dining experience by the sea at Bab Al Bahr. This beachfront restaurant in Ajman serves a delightful array of seafood specialties, from freshly caught fish to succulent shellfish. Guests can savor their meals while enjoying panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, creating a truly unforgettable dining atmosphere.

The Hide

Located within a stylish boutique hotel, The Hide offers a unique dining experience in Ajman. With its chic and contemporary setting, this restaurant features a diverse menu that combines international flavors with a creative twist. From gourmet burgers to innovative fusion cuisine, The Hide promises a culinary adventure that caters to various tastes and preferences.
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